hani najm


Painting, Drawing (Pen)
160 x 120 in

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About Artwork

If more people took the bus the cities would become a better place to live in. That is not purely from the environmental standpoint -- it is also a social concern. Digital age has reduces all distances and made traveling unnecessary, and the bus is one of the last social spaces that could represent a community. This is the time Hani Najm spends his time observing people. His drawings depicts the passengers sitting wearily or  otherwise grabbing the bar. The personalities ranges from 
packed in a closed space, clutching to the bar and feeling lost. The colors are warm and the forms have been simplified which intensifies the sense of desperation in trying to hold on; Others who are calm are mostly weary.

Though everyone is stationed, everything is in motion and chaos. The bus is a metaphor for the state of affair -- especially a mental one. Where are they headed? "There are different stations," says Najm "status, power, greed." Those who are not happy with their circumstances are transformed by their desires into fox, snake and insect. Those content will reach the final stop, what Najm calls Village of Love ("عشق آباد").

Najm paints a picture of what is and what is missing. The figures confront us profoundly. They intrude our space and scrutinize us. "Near but Far" reminds us to observe and investigate, for that makes us alive. 

We like to invite you to join the bus people and examine these paintings and celebrate life at the opening reception which will be held Friday, 

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