Paint Puzzle
  • Pamela Mummy
    Pamela Mummy 6:37 pm on 1/17/2013
    I like the way you see the world.

Jacob Smithers

Paint Puzzle

1.5 x 1.5 ft

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About Artwork

This photo was taken in the Cascade mountain range in Leavenworth. I noticed the beautifully faded hue of turqoise as I drove by this wall of an old warehouse. The paint had been exposed to sunlight for years, leading to a puzzle-like cracking and chipping. I enjoy this expression of age, beauty & location -- that regardless of these factors something can catch someone's eye and stick out as extraordinary. 

This antique window was reclaimed and used as the photograph's frame; it's age and reuse illustrates, once again, the same process of a repurposed life in a fine-art setting which is quite contradictory to it's otherwise uninspiring existence. 

Photograph is a giclee print using archival inks, papers & processes. 

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