Vain Vein Cycle I

Neda Z. Saz

Vain Vein Cycle I

Installation, Fabric
130 x 130 cm

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About Artwork

The world around us imposes certain limited roles on individuals; however every individual has both masculine and feminine characteristics in them. They usually try to hide the opposite character and express the other. The nature and essence of androgyne consist of both opposite characters to deal with these opposites aspects. One needs to be self aware in a way that permits you to express yourself properly. The whole dimension of a human being can be observed in the life of an androgyne. To deal with and integrate opposite poles of unconscious soul/psyche in the concepts such as left hemisphere and right hemisphere, intellect and intuition, yin yang, time and space, absence and presence, the androgyne needs to be highly self aware. On the other hand, the consciousness of the androgyne must be awakened, and as a result, the whole paradoxes become one within the androgyne. Actually it is not easy to recover the balance among the opposites. Even though the androgyne can express this internal equilibrium in its voice or body language, it is physically invisible. The androgyne needs to pass through different stages to become fully aware of self and self-perception to proceed a normal life. The characteristic of balls is a vain cycle itself; you start from one point and end up at the same place or nowhere. The one with clothes in “Vain Vein Cycle” piece is in a way in relation to solidarity and union, with both genders sharing the same world. The other sphere is made out of ropes of clothes; it is about destruction, chaos and crisis so spectators try somehow to connect and compare the two balls in their mind. “The androgyne thus instants extraordinary states of being that engender an ambivalent sense of difference within, and beyond, differences.”Androgyny is psychological phenomenon, and it does not depend on birth sex. My main purpose in making this piece is not to be reductive and eliminate all thoughts but the truth of being androgyny. The important issue, by considering all factors related to the piece, is the challenge that spectator experiences with the piece rather than claiming that the piece is an androgyny. Androgyny is defined as a self-awarness; it draws attention to various aspects of subjects to be able to understand them in a perfect way, however, it is up to the audience to have their own interpretation of the piece.

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