Paper cavalier, museum project
  • Hessam Sadat Tehrani
    Hessam Sadat Tehrani 6:15 am on 4/9/2013
    Wow!! Fantastic, can't wait to see them !!

    Also can't wait to see the larger works that I hear are in the works ! I'm excited !!
  • Hessam Sadat Tehrani
    Hessam Sadat Tehrani 2:15 pm on 3/23/2013
    I can't tell you how amazing your "museum project" is !!!! I really love it !!! How many pieces are there ? - I've seen only the two !!!
    • Zahra (Mandana) Fard
      Zahra (Mandana) Fard 2:13 am on 3/27/2013
      Thanks a lot Hessam jaan, you're always nice and supporting :)
      So far I painted 5 pieces. The day after I finished the other 3, a friend of us bought them and I didn't have a chance to take good photos of them. I will take photos of them and will post them here.

Zahra (Mandana) Fard

Paper cavalier, museum project

Painting, Acrylic on Newspaper on Canvas
40 x 40 in

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About Artwork

About my museum project:

Whenever I go to a museum in any part of the world, I look for old objects from ancient Iran, and each time I find magnificent artworks, mostly metal plates and ceramic bowls with patterns an designs that are sometimes surprisingly modern-looking. At the time these artworks were created, the artists wouldn’t go to the nature for inspiration and didn’t try to copy the nature; instead they looked at their masters’ artworks and tried to recreate the pieces they found inspiring (or a patron asked for) with their own personal touch and changes. I decided to put my feet in their footsteps for a while and recreate the treasures I have found in different museums.

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