number 3 .. As it is collection

Zeynab Movahed

number 3 .. As it is collection

Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
160 x 120 in

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About Artwork

Woman falls below the flesh Perhaps it's of her hostile fate that what she sweats is the same that declines her into an undesirable solitude This series investigates sensitive layers of feminine life. A woman aware of the hidden corners of her life of those secret not willing to conceal yet voiceless to divulge. Throughout these works tulles are perhaps codes of omen besides her delicate feminine beauties The finesse of matrimony and motherhood that halts her innermost personal concerns But all these bitterness and distaste that is produced in repeats, are in those vibrant schemas of gray. This conceptual disgust and visual beauty are of question but it is in this paradox that the unfortunate sense pulls her sexual plea behind the curtain of postponement Probably the painter is documenting this aspect of femininity, or maybe these are all excuses for her to be drowned in her painterly

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