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R is for Revolt Edit
Zoey Stevens
R is for Revolt
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
Haj Series Edit
Jamshid Bayrami
Haj Series
Photography, Photography
Decalogue Edit
abo shahi
Other, hand- woven
dram Edit
hamid hadinejad
Painting, Drawing ink on paper
Theater Performance Edit
Theater Performance
Print, Screen print - Acrylic-based
Joker Series Edit
Omid Masoumi
Joker Series
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
The Beginning Edit
The Beginning
Photography, Photographic print
Golden Love Edit
Alireza Astaneh
Golden Love
Painting, mixed media on canvas
Birth of the Cool Edit
Pedrom Tanaomi
Birth of the Cool
Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas
Unti Edit
Homayoon Hayati
Mixed Media, Collage
B. turquoise & lace Edit
Maryam Shafaghi
B. turquoise & lace
Other, Handmade/Hand painted
Lady Sam Edit
Priya Assal Gheysari
Lady Sam
Painting, oil on canvas
weavers of life Edit
Corina Del Carmel
weavers of life
Other, Charcoal & ink on paper
Untitled 11 Edit
Dana Nehdaran
Untitled 11
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
Donald 02 Edit
Alireza Astaneh
Donald 02
Installation, Iron & Industrial color
down . 2 Edit
shahin ghaderpanah
down . 2
Painting, oil on canvas
Men of Allah Series Edit
Ramin Haerizadeh
Men of Allah Series
Photography, Scanned body parts
Light blue paper eslimi Edit
Zahra (Mandana) Fard
Light blue paper eslimi
Painting, Paper and acrylic on canvas
Plz Dont Cut It Edit
Omid Masoumi
Plz Dont Cut It
Painting, Acrylic on canvas