Art Dubai: Private Patronage in Emerging Markets

DUBAI – Sotheby’s art week in Dubai concluded with a highly attended terrace talk on Private Patronage in Emerging Markets moderated by Suad Garayeva, curator and specialist in Contemporary Art from Russia and CIS. The panel participants were among the movers and shakers of the art world of the Caucasus and Central Asia: Aida Mahmudova, the founder of Yarat Contemporary Art Organisation in Baku, Nina Mahdavi, the founder of Caspian Arts Foundation in London and Dina Baitassova, the co-founder of the International Art Development Association (IADA) in Almaty. As the curatorial Marker programme of the fair focused on the Caucasus and Central Asia, this year marked further increase in collector and institutional attention to the art from the region.


Attendees at the highly attended terrace talk on Private Patronage in Emerging Markets, moderated by Sotheby’s Suad Garayeva.

This popularity will be further supported through the Sotheby’s sequel to its highly acclaimed 2013 pioneering selling exhibition of contemporary art from the region. At The Crossroads 2: Art From Istanbul to Kabul, which opens this week, introduces more artists from the Caucasus and Central Asia and juxtaposes them to Modern and Contemporary artists of Iran and Turkey, all the way to Afghanistan. Including works across media, from installation to video, this show brings new content into this much discussed hot new territory.


Sohrab Sepehri, Untitled, late 1960s.

“We are very excited to bring back At The Crossroads. Artists from the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia are becoming increasingly popular, and we are proud to be the pioneers of this growing interest. As  the works enter important institutional collections and artists are being picked up by galleries, it is important to raise further awareness of the history and socio-political context within the region. Hence bringing together art from Istanbul to Kabul sheds light on long-standing cultural relations and generates fresh perspectives on the direction of contemporary art today”, comments Suad Garayeva, the co-curator of the show, which opens in Sotheby’s London on 27 March.

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