Farshad Mahoutforoush Edit

Farshad Mahoutforoush is a collector based in Tehran , IR.
About Farshad Mahoutforoush

Mr. Farshad Mahoutforoush has been one of Iran's youngest and most vibrant collectors. He was featured in Canvas Magazine 2010 amongst the Young Collectors of the Middle East. He heads a group of restaurants, which started out with Monsoon, Monsoon Lounge, Bix, Boulevard and now with the most recent addition Divan which he not only manages but decorates and rotates his collection on the walls supporting and promoting the arts. He has placed his mark in Iran as a visionary and is now experiementing with interiors as an art form.  Mr. Mahoutforoush says, " I love Middle Eastern art in particular Iranian contemporary ! I've been collecting Iranian art for the past 15 years and have enjoyed working with artists and understanding and seeing a new perspective in life through their eyes. "  He further mentions that its our art and culture which Iran should be focusing on and as Artious' Creative Director he is postitioning us to move forward in the Middle East Art Scene ! 


Artworks from Farshad Mahoutforoush private art collection: