Stop 1Stop 1 - sculpture by Maryam Ashkanian
Comment by Maryam Ashkanian, 8:13 am on 1/28/2014:
01 See more
StopStop - sculpture by Maryam Ashkanian
Comment by Maryam Ashkanian, 8:08 am on 1/28/2014:
We need to stop for thinking of what we are doing just before going through. We need seeking. According to the series, Stop is going to unveil the end as an eternal metamorphosis this time; revealing of the final moment. In the given series, Stop, form is just an excuse instead of being the major issue; the question is all about the audience's look. See more
 White, from "Bounded" Sereis White, from "Bounded" Sereis - mixed media by Mohamadreza Ahmadi Monfared
Comment by Nasser Manesh, 6:10 pm on 1/14/2014:
Beautiful details! See more
Gold Flakes with Red CenterGold Flakes with Red Center - painting by ALI Rad
Comment by sam yeganeh, 4:49 pm on 1/7/2014:
great See more
Endless RoadEndless Road - sculpture by AmirAli Afrooz
Comment by sam yeganeh, 4:47 pm on 1/7/2014:
WoW It's greaaaaaat ! See more
Déjà vuDéjà vu - sculpture by tarlan lotfizadeh
Comment by AmirAli Afrooz, 11:40 am on 1/7/2014:
My lovely genius friend See more
EffigyEffigy - sculpture by AmirAli Afrooz
Comment by sam yeganeh, 12:53 pm on 12/26/2013:
fantastic... See more
HeronHeron - painting by Zahra (Mandana) Fard
Comment by Hessam Sadat Tehrani, 11:40 am on 12/22/2013:
Beautiful !!!! The composition is superb - the color and technique is perfect !!!! I really love it. See more
zayesh2 collectionzayesh2 collection - digital media by hamze farhadi
Comment by MOUTUSHI CHAKRABORTY, 9:54 pm on 12/14/2013:
I find your works so sensitive ...so touching....beyond borders...beyond genders... just humanity and its ability to be compassionate...!! God bless us artists for being able to still hold on to humanity amidst all the insanity around us. My sincere best wishes for you....!! See more
Mother IMother I - print by MOUTUSHI CHAKRABORTY
Comment by MOUTUSHI CHAKRABORTY, 9:42 am on 12/11/2013:
This work is based on an original documentary photograph from early 20th century. See more
Persian Coke Can, Lover's drink Persian Coke Can, Lover's drink - print by Shirin Hosseinvand
Comment by zeinab Abdolmaleki, 12:45 pm on 3/3/2013:
eye catching... See more
Paper cavalier, museum projectPaper cavalier, museum project - painting by Zahra (Mandana) Fard
Comment by Hessam Sadat Tehrani, 6:15 am on 4/9/2013:
Wow!! Fantastic, can't wait to see them !! Also can't wait to see the larger works that I hear are in the works ! I'm excited !! See more
46 years & 2 months & 7 days 46 years & 2 months & 7 days - photography by tarlan lotfizadeh
Comment by Aran Art Gallery, 7:59 pm on 9/12/2015:
Aran Art Gallery in Brussels will be honored to exhibit the arts of artists from around the world, in particular Iranian artists. The gallery will be opening on 6 November 2015, we will have a group exhibition of Iranian artists with 20 works by 20 artists, and then we can open for solo or collective exhibition of paintings and sculptures and... next months. If you want to cooperate with us for opening will be a great honor. Let us know the right time to have a phone conversation, we talk more about this. Best regards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- La galerie d'art ARAN , située à Bruxelles est heureuse d'exposer les ouvres d'artistes de tous les horizons , mais en particulier les oeuvres d'artistes iraniens . La galerie d'art ARAN elle vous propose une exposition d'une vingtaine d'artistes iraniens qui vous présenterons leurs ouvres le 6 Novembre 2015 . nous proposons aussi une exposition en solo ou collective de sculpteurs et peinture de toute origine . vous êtes les bienvenues pour toutes les informations , vous pouvez nous contacter à l'adresse info@aranart.be , Nous serons très honoré de vous accueillerai au sein de notre galerie. Cordialement --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- آران آرت گالري در بروكسل مفتخر خواهد بود كه آثار هنرمندان به ويژه هنرمندان ايراني در سرتاسر جهان را به نمايش بگذارد،افتتاحيه اين گالري در روز ٦ نوامبر ٢٠١٥ پيشبيني شده است و براي افتتاحيه ما بر اين تلاش هستيم كه يك نمايشگاه گروهي از هنرمندان ايراني داشته باشيم به تعداد ٢٠ اثر از ٢٠ هنرمند،و پس از آن ميتوانيم به صورت سولو و يا باز گروهي ماهانه نمايشگاه هاي بعدي را برگزاركنيم،چنانچه براي افتتاحيه مايل با همكاري با ما هستيدكمال افتخار خواهد بود كه اثري از شمارا هم در جمع هنرمندان داشته باشيم،اگر زماني را كه مناسب ميدانيد بفرماييد كه از طريق يك مكالمه تلفني بيشتر در اين باره گفتگو داشته باشيم. با احترام image1.JPG See more
EffigyEffigy - sculpture by AmirAli Afrooz
Comment by AmirAli Afrooz, 12:55 am on 12/31/2013:
Thank you my dear See more
#2#2 - mixed media by Shirin Hosseinvand
Comment by arash izad, 8:20 am on 7/2/2014:
;-) See more
devil is happydevil is happy - painting by Alemeh Bagherian
Comment by Alemeh Bagherian, 8:09 am on 4/9/2013:
thank you mr tehrani . See more
Maahi haaMaahi haa - painting by Zahra (Mandana) Fard
Comment by Zahra (Mandana) Fard, 2:15 am on 5/10/2013:
و بگو ماهی ها حوضشان بی آب است... See more
Not ScaredNot Scared - painting by Cynthia Browning
Comment by Cynthia Browning, 11:24 pm on 12/13/2013:
thank you! See more
Mickey MouseMickey Mouse - digital media by Babak Kazemi
Comment by Xena Kaz, 10:03 am on 12/2/2013:
I love your work and would like your permission to share it on my blog. May I? See more
No Time For NonsenseNo Time For Nonsense - sculpture by Thomas Ostenberg
Comment by Thomas Ostenberg, 12:49 pm on 11/25/2013:
This sculpture is in a private collection in Vermont and a museum in Connecticut. It can be commissioned for purchase by contacting the artist via: www.thomasostenberg.com See more
BakerBaker - other by Firat Neziroglu
Comment by Mara Dari, 11:07 am on 2/28/2013:
very unique idea !!! bravo ! See more
you,me,our red rose cups will be eternal.you,me,our red rose cups will be eternal. - sculpture by tarlan lotfizadeh
Comment by tarlan lotfizadeh, 9:26 am on 3/1/2014:
thx :) See more

Comment by Zahra (Mandana) Fard, 7:43 pm on 1/20/2013:
Thanks :) See more
Where?Where? - painting by Zahra (Mandana) Fard
Comment by , 5:45 pm on 9/13/2012:
The combination of poetry and the look in the eyes is amazing... See more
Déjà vuDéjà vu - sculpture by tarlan lotfizadeh
Comment by tarlan lotfizadeh, 12:15 pm on 1/7/2014:
thx buddy ;) See more
Organic machine 1Organic machine 1 - painting by Sara Berti
Comment by Sara Berti, 9:20 am on 3/18/2014:
Thank you so much! I'm happy of that! If you want to see more, you can find others works in my website: www.saraberti.net and.. for any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. All the best! See more
Pattern 2Pattern 2 - painting by Farzad Naimi
Comment by Kayvon Pourmirzaie, 10:46 pm on 6/18/2013:
I agree with Mandana - beautiful patterns and colors :) See more
Roads Always Taken (01)Roads Always Taken (01) - painting by Imrana Tanveer
Comment by Aly Naqvi, 10:37 am on 11/29/2013:
lovely work, reminds me of Laden's inferno See more
Paint PuzzlePaint Puzzle - photography by Jacob Smithers
Comment by Pamela Mummy, 6:37 pm on 1/17/2013:
I like the way you see the world. See more
7 years & 6 months & 23 days 7 years & 6 months & 23 days - photography by tarlan lotfizadeh
Comment by tarlan lotfizadeh, 1:14 pm on 6/11/2015:
So close that touch of your every breath leaves a scar on my face, So distant i can barely reach your shadow, So fresh that scent of fresh sheets is stronger than scent of your skin, So worn-out, threads of the sheets are dissolving into our bodies. Years our bodies lay on this bed, Yet loneliness prevails, Somewhere between you and me it lingers. See more