What is Artious?

Artious is a social platform for art discovery and exhibition, built around a global network of contemporary artists, curators, collectors, and art lovers and aficionados.

Artious facilitates online discussions about artists and their works, fosters art and artistic trend discovery, and creates recommendations based on your personal art preferences.

Artious is like LinkedIn for contemporary artists/curators/collectors, with the major added benefits of great portfolio presentation, and art discovery.

Artious for Artists

Artious makes it easy for artists to create visually stunning portfolios and informative profiles, while providing the opportunity to showcase their artworks at live exhibitions and to engage in valuable industry networking with art curators and collectors on the Artious platform.

Artists have total control over the organization of their artworks and can enhance their profiles with videos that chronicle themselves and their work.

Artious is a secure and safe platform that respects artist copyright and ownership of works. Any work uploaded to Artious belongs to the artist and the artist’s copyright and right to use remain intact.

Artists chosen for Artious exhibitions will have the chance to be involved in the exhibition process itself. Any input from the exhibiting artist will be greatly valued during exhibition planning.

Artious for Curators

Artious makes it easy for curators to discover fresh artists and art, connect with fellow curators and uncover artistic trends before they emerge in the mainstream. Curators can use these discoveries for future art exhibitions.

Curators can curate and create virtual art exhibitions using work that is already on Artious or add new art of their choosing to the Artious platform.

Not only will these virtual exhibitions be a powerful springboard for discussions by Artious users, but they will also enable Artious audiences to identify curators whose perspectives they want to follow.
Virtual exhibitions created by curators may be chosen for live showcases as well as editorial features on the Artious blog.

Artious for Collectors

Artious improves art collector confidence in buying artworks online by changing the traditionally “closed” art deal flow and aiding in the discovery of emerging art and artists. Using Artious, collectors will have access to valuable feedback from fellow curators and artists.

Collectors can connect directly with up-and-coming contemporary artists, view their works and learn about acquisition opportunities.

Artious provides collectors with access to curators, conversations about future art trends, and unique data-driven insight to better inform potential additions to their collections.

This data is based on the analysis of differing viewpoints of a diverse group of art professionals, curators, collectors and admirers interacting on the Artious platform.

Artious for Art Lovers

Artious makes it easy for art lovers and aficionados to converse with their favorite artists, learn about undiscovered works and get an inside look at the professional art world.

Artious gives users the freedom to browse artist profiles and ask the artists directly about their work, inspiration and possible acquisition of their artwork.

Art admirers that want to start acquiring or collecting art can take advantage of the Artious network of professional curators, collectors and artists which can provide valuable insight based on their experience in the art world.

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